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Originally Posted by Gjm137 View Post
Dude, can you read????? It's more than a proposal from this point... It's just that more info will come in the third quarter of this year.
I absolutely can read, which is why I recognized that half of the "article" someone posted on the first page of this thread was pulled word-for-word from Pickard Chilton's website, where the renderings of the building were also found. Pickard Chilton makes it plain that the project, from the outset, was not a real proposal but rather a look into what would be necessary to erect such a structure. Undoubtedly part of this process was recognizing what obstacles have yet to be tackled technologically or logistically.

The first post in this thread has no source, is written sloppily at best (most of it is unintelligible trash), and is made up of 50% word-for-word verbiage from another (uncited) source. I don't understand why so many people believe this garbage.
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