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Originally Posted by BTinSF View Post
^^^You movin' there?
whether you or i or any individual would want to live on TI is sort of irrelevant. they aren't marking to everyone, they're marketing to some particular subset of people looking for a particular thing. i think TI will have no problem selling or renting units for one simple reason - people pay for views. the views of the city are phenomenal.

there are a lot of places i wouldn't chose to live - but they're still successful developments.

most people will drive (just like everywhere, sadly) but the ferries will be viable for the people 'commuting' to the financial district on weekdays. avoiding the toll plazas will make the congestion somewhat more bearable.

as for the casino - i was always a big fan of the idea of turning treasure island into some sort of 21st century adult urban playground. casinos, high end bars, restaurants, retail, etc. it would be awesome. like taking a little slice of macao and transporting it to the middle of the bay
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