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Originally Posted by Empire View Post
You could probably put a 20,000 seat stadium at SMU. Rip out the existing grassy knoll and rebuild. Wrap around ends blocking out the low rise and part of the tower. At the Gorsebrook Lounge end build an executive seating area at the top level c/w media facilities. This would be connected to the Gorsebrook lounge with and elevator. Of course there would be a sky Gorsebrook lounge in the executive area. Everybody can take the bus or walk to the stadium.
I always favoured something like this, although I'm not sure how much space there is. If I recall correctly it's pretty tight between the bleacher side of Huskies stadium and the rest of campus. I would think SMU and HRM should be able to work something out to upgrade the existing facilities as an interim solution of sorts.

The other problem with this location, is politically there is no way in hell you would get a twenty thousand seat stadium in this neighbourhood.