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Bank of America Tower

Bank of America from the park,along with Mocholate and another building

three years after BOA built its first SF building,the building was heavily dameged in a fire,BOA sold the building and left the city for a year. then BOA began planning its next building in San Felix,right on the park. the building began contruction in 1979 and opened in 1981. during construction,while working on the fifth floor,a small 150' portable crane collapsed injuring 8 people,but noone was killed. the building has a rectangular shape with softented sides going almost all the way up,until setbacks come out on the sides and then ending in a curving glass crown. it has a solid glass,elongated pyrimid atrium at the base. many people dont like the builing,saying it doesnt fit together with itself,is boring,but atleast it kinda blends in to the skyline. Bank of America does not occupy the entire building,only about 30% is owned by them. 40% is owned by smaller bussines with a wide variety of jobs.the remain 30% is mostly unnocuipied.

BOA blends in,shot from over the backstreet district

Mocholate Building

The building from its entrance
(umm,you guys have to play along with the history here,lol)
After a forumer on requsted that a building be named after him(several other forumers have building with either thier name or thier companies name in the city,Aleks 0o1,Dac 150,Patrick,Foxmtbr,and peter).the building started construction in 1990. Desighned as a glassy black sharp office building. the building has an amazingly sharp profile,coming to a point in an arrow shape,but the building is just straght lines in a unique shape.from some angles,it has a very long apperiance. 60% of the building is offices,while the rest is condos. at the time it was being built,the commercial market was slowing down,so it was decided to use a good chunk of the building as condos. the tower is fully occupied,with only a few units being empty. At the base it the old SSP shoping mall,which the building was built over and left intact,though it could have been demolished but the desighners wanted to keep a historic feel. With several different shopping chains,but also the only SSP Store(there is an internet store aswell) the SSP fountin is just outside the mall. Its location on the end of the park and just next to the aquarium is vital to its succes. it is a popular gathering,living,shopping and working place for San Felixines.

The building sharp profile is a common sight on Memorial Street

yay,thats all for now. acyuall updates and more tours soon!
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