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Originally Posted by counterfactual View Post
It just looks a lot nicer, to be honest.

Today, seems so drab and dead, around there, other than cars in the Superstore or cars driving to the market.

A Park upgrade would be great.

Could also use some new highrise developments, with street retail, to inject some new density to the area, and some life to streets around there.
Yeah, I can remember a time that seems not-so-long-ago (but really was like 30 years ago) where that park was "no man's land". Back when that area was most frequented by hoo.... errrrr... sex workers and dru.... errr... those who's business is selling substances in the underground market. So these upgrades (to me) signify a clear break from those times, a true step forward for the neighborhood that has now become so much more vibrant and and walkable (safe).
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