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Originally Posted by Shawn View Post
Lots of top students from New England view McGill as a Brown or Columbia peer.
The disproportionate interest of American students in McGill vs. other Canadian cities' schools seems to be a strong example of the "legacy" status of Montreal as Canada's largest city.

Compare the relative lack of interest in other Canadian schools by Americans like UBC, UofT etc. relative to McGill even though UofT (Toronto's most famous school) and McGill (Montreal's most famous school) are nearly equal in many university rankings, and in some more recent years of ranking Toronto comes on top. Yes, I heard the whole "lots of Americans are considering Canadian schools after Trump" but so far the numbers are small.

UofT is known for lots of international students (many Asians but also Middle Easterners, Europeans, Latin Americans) but way less Americans. UBC is known for lots of Chinese international students but few Americans from the nearby West Coast.

For some reason, McGill draws American students from New England/the East Coast way more than UofT draws any Midwestern US students or UBC draws West Coast Americans.

It must be doing something right aside from just continuing the legacy of being in Canada's formerly largest city.
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