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Originally Posted by milomilo View Post
Cow tax or quota, call it what you like the end result is the same. Prices will rise, and it's the government manipulating behaviors. In a very innefficient, authoritarian way.
A quota doesn't give the government money and doesn't introduce a severe conflict of interest.

It doesn't introduce new costs to the average consumer and it will only effect farmers that can't be part of the quota.

If the quota is set up correctly it will put more money in the pockets of farmers.

This has been done in hunting already and has created a whole new industry supporting sport hunters.

Originally Posted by milomilo View Post
Instead, let the market decide with a slight tweak - put a price on something that is currently free. If you can't stomach a set price, put a cap on emissions instead.
This is just fundamentally dishonest.

Your trying to alter behavior, it will only work if people have to change their lifestyles.

And energy happens to be connect to virtually every aspect of ones lifestyle.

People living in urban areas working in service economies will be marginally effect as they aren't reliant on carbon and can pay off the difference. This difference will be absorbed by a reduced cost of living.

People that are well off generally rely on traditional industries, don't live in urban areas, and have relatively fixed costs of living.

Your being completely dishonest.
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