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Originally Posted by milomilo View Post
And yet you support a cow tax. So you are onboard with manipulating behavior, something that government does all the time, just not by one particularly efficient mechanism.

If you truly are against government using its power, then you should start with the myriad other ways they do so.
Coercion is a necessary evil.

Just because I accept that it must be done occasionally does not mean I support it openly.

I am pro reducing cattle, because it produces a massive proportion of the waste and there is an easy viable solution for nutrition which isn't any less nutritious nor more expensive.

Reducing cattle will hurt the smallest number of people and will decrease the cost of goods for the poor and not increase it.

It will free up land for affordable housing.

It will make food cheaper.

And if we tie it into reasonable resource management we can also support existing industries.(i.e. create massive hunting grounds, farming of buffalo meat etc).

It's a very low hanging fruit both in cost and in terms of goverment oppression.

I am not directly for a tax, I'd prefer a quota system that will help cattle owners to recapture their losses.
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