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^^ my vote in this election isn't so much anti-quinn, specifically, as it is anti-democrat, generally. at the same time, it's also not pro-rauner, specifically, as it is pro-let's let the other guys have a turn, generally.

if i could vote mike fucking madigan out of office, i'd gleefully do so in a heart beat, but i don't live in his district, so going after the governor's mansion is the next biggest state target that i'm able to have a voice in. and my voice right now is saying, "let's get rid of all of these useless fucking democrats from illinois government".

in the senate race i'll still vote for durbin because oberweiss is a goddamn neanderthal. no thank you. i can hold my nose and vote for all kinds of candidates, but i draw the line at filthy stinking neanderthals like oberweiss.
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