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Originally Posted by Steely Dan View Post
^ i like rauner because he's a fiscal conservative without all of the stupid fucking bible-belt baggage that GOP candidates often come with.

i'm not saying he's an ideal candidate, it's just that quinn and the democrats have driven this once-proud state into the ground. it's time for a change in leadership. i can accept some personal temporary pain for the betterment of this state's overall fiscal health.
I get what you're saying, but I disagree about Quinn driving the state into the ground, when the vast majority of the damage was already enacted by Thompson, Edgar, Ryan, and Blago. Also, 'temporary pain' could last years, and dramatically alter the economic and employment landscape for many years after that.

Is the current state of the State that messed up (than say, even 6 years ago) to where a complete shift in political ideology is necessary to make things 'better'? Other than the pension f*ckup, which is a state Constitutional issue and not up to just up to a governor to fix (Quinn tried a number of months ago, and was shot down in court, remember?), what is Quinn doing so so wrong or poorly that Rauner could ever possibly fix?
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