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Originally Posted by Steely Dan View Post
I'm voting for Rauner.

Illinois' lackluster democrat-controlled government needs a kick in the pants.
Then say goodbye to:

- Collective bargaining for tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of hardworking union members (if you and others really think Unions are a bad thing, then please move to Texas)

- Clean drinking water, not to mention possible severe relaxation of federal/EPA environmental rules. Oh yeah, enjoy having Lake Michigan inundated with Asian carp (even though you Steely have said in other threads in the forum that that damn fish poses no threat).

- Dissolution of film tax credits (I personally know dozens of folks who work in film/tv/commercial production, among thousands in the state who will see their jobs going to Atlanta or NC or even Canada if Rauner wins - believe it)

- (necessary) stalling of in-state hydraulic fracturing, both downstate and closer to Chicagoland, which as we've seen in Oklahoma and TX works wonder for the environment, and doesn't cause any earthquake problems, whatsoever.

- Any possibility for resolving the state pension crisis, unless you don't mind the unemployment rate going up above 9-10% again, within the next 2 years.

- the dream of hiking the state minimum wage to a decent living wage for those who desperately need it most.

Among many other issues that I'm sure you and I will all be affected by.

If turncoat voters such as yourself really think a bitter, ultra-wealthy corporate raider really gives a s**t about you or any of the other 12.8 million of us in Illinois, you're in for a world of hurt the next 4 years if Rauner wins.

Quinn is by no means a saint, but at least he's not painting himself as the Second coming. And if you thought Springfield was gridlocked before Rauner with King Madigan on the throne, grab some popcorn and watch what's sure to be an amazing s**tshow.
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