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Originally Posted by ardecila View Post
Uh, the gubernatorial election is in November while the mayoral election isn't until February. I don't think there is much interplay between the two races.

Fioretti has not even started to campaign in earnest, and probably he won't until the November elections are done and they stop drowning him out .. What has he done to reach me, the average city voter? I can barely tell he was running, except I saw one bumper sticker in logan square.

I don't know, a heated banter between Rahm and Lewis between now and the gubernatorial race could have resulted in a significantly more energized base in the Chicago area. If the unions are all riled up, then you are going to get a lot more people turning out for Quinn. If you have a strong black political candidate like Lewis telling people to get out to the polls, they will get to the polls.

Fioretti has been trying to do the grassroots thing and even showed up at a neighborhood group meeting in my area. The problem is no one cares what he has to say and he doesn't have anything to attack Rahm with other than "he closed schools" which I think most Chicagoans know was the right decision whether they say they like it or not.
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