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Rauner and Rahm are a match made in heaven, seriously. They're both neoliberals who are pretty agnostic on major social issues, both are pro business, etc.

It's hard to know how Rauner would govern, he basically doesn't have a platform other than lowering taxes, and his entire campaign is based around smearing Quinn instead of promoting fresh ideas. If he is a technocrat, I haven't seen the policy ideas to back it up.

On the other hand, it's hard to see Rauner doing anything that seriously harms the vitality of Chicago. Rauner is a lifelong resident of the city and suburbs and he surely understands that the city is the lifeblood of Illinois' economy. His natural constituency is wealthy white professionals in gentrified city neighborhoods and posh suburbs. His claims to represent the middle class are laughable. But I am sure Rauner will support improved transit service, highway reconstruction/widening, etc
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