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Thanks for starting this one. I'd been thinking for a while that we should have this thread.

First - just to carry over a little from the econ thread (of course you have to say this first). Get better to Karen Lewis and I hope her prognosis is good.

I actually think it's a real shame that she is not in the race (or apparently any other serious contender now), despite my opinion that she would not have been a good mayer and 99%+ sure would not have gotten my vote. Most important is that Chicago needs to have a real democracy. Its citizens deserve credible contenders and real debate about important issues. That is of primary importance. Keeping corporations and the already wealthy and powerful with bouyant confidence over the next handful of months that they'll have government and political continuity in this city, perhaps along with no radical change in direction or priorities is decidedly of less importance..........

Anyway, an interesting question now is how low turnout will be this election.......I can't remember exactly what it was in 2011, but of course in Daley's last couple elections it was disgustingly, embarrassingly low....
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