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Originally Posted by rousseau View Post
Whoa, record screeches to a halt..."blowing things out of proportion"? Crikey, did you just defend the fascist-Orwellian dictatorship that is China?

That foreigners are currently able to live expat lives of relative ease in China is irrelevant to the surreal and intrusive authoritarian nature of the government there, to how utterly corrupt it is at every level, from the local to the national.

The accusation that you're choosing cash over freedom is harsh, judgmental and dogmatic, and's not wrong.
What whatnext said was indeed harsh. There are a bevy of other reasons to stay somewhere that may or may not align with your personal views than just cash. Family usually plays a big part.

I stayed in Shanghai for so long because I loved the place. I had a job that I loved, and an amazing group of friends, but China is changing, and for me, not in a way I'm personally comfortable with.

I feel for all of my Chinese friends who hate the direction the country is going in, but like all Chinese, are powerless to speak out. It started to get really dark, and when some real heavy-handed tactics started to be implemented (we all saw it coming, but it was still a wake-up call when things started to ramp up), that's when I saw the mood of everyone turn, and the massive exodus (whether voluntary or involuntary) started to happen. It was eye-opening to see how quickly everything could change, which is silly on my part because China's biggest positive was how quickly everything from transit, infrastructure and business could change, but now it was more of a social change towards the "new" party line.

I love China. There's nowhere outside of Canada that has had such a profound affect on my life. I just hope......, I don't even know what I can realistically hope for China that would make me feel comfortable. I just hope not too much damage is done to the Chinese people.
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