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Originally Posted by JManc View Post
It's an outlier in the Midwest due to it's geography much like Pittsburgh is in the NE. But Cincinnati still feels Midwest with a southern tinge to it. Cleveland feels a lot like Buffalo. Buffalo is 'northeast' but differs somewhat from other Upstate NY cities like Syracuse, Albany and Utica which feel more New Englandish the further east you go.
Oh yeah, Cincinnati is definitely a Midwestern city with some cultural influences from the South, and some architectural influences from the Northeast. I've always gotten purely Midwestern vibes from Cleveland, and I'm not really sure what about it makes it feel Eastern. If it's just the cultural influences from the immigrants they've received over the years, then I guess Detroit and Chicago are also not Midwestern. From the architecture to the accent to the layout of the's Great Lakes Midwest through and through.

Of course, Clevelanders are quick to point out that they were 'part of Connecticut' hundreds of years ago when the population of NE Ohio was a few dozen people. They'll say that the 'Connecticut influence' is still there because there are 3 buildings from the Connecticut Reserve that are still standing and look vaguely similar to buildings you might find in a small town in CT. But I have always thought this is just something they say to make themselves feel more...prestigious? As if Cleveland is somehow Greenwich on Lake Erie. I've always found this preposterous.
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