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Originally Posted by the urban politician View Post
^ What's with your obsession about wealth rankings?

California is a wealthy place--extremely wealthy. Yay for California. Is there enough evidence there for you or should we start 19 more threads about the same concept?

Just saying....
Huh? This isnt about wealth or California.

There are a ton of very interesting observations to be made by just this list:

1 Notice how New York and LA are like 1 billion dollars apart? That's extremely fascinating considering LAC has 4 times more people no?

2 Look at all the under 1 million in population counties that have $100B+ gdps.

3 King WA is nowhere near the 5th largest in population but has the 5th largest economy.

Etc that's very fascinating to me.

I happen to be geekish on gdp data and make no apologies. A better question is why are you upset?

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