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Originally Posted by Boris2k7 View Post
...having earned our right to the status of a “founding people” here thanks to our sweat, toil and tears on the land."
Hope this isn't off-topic or too political a tangent, but if Alberta was founded in 1905 as a province, and if the European-style polity of the last century is vastly different from the previous centuries of First Nations presence there, then I don't think "founding people" should really be all that controversial.

While combing through what people say to point out blithe omissions of who lived here before the Europeans has become de rigeur, I don't think the characterization of the Ukrainians in your quote is inaccurate, no matter the perception of how insensitive or upsetting it might sound.

Though I like the phrase "default prairie ethnic." And actually, come to think of it, it makes a lot of sense.
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