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Originally Posted by JHikka View Post
Absolutely, but at the same time people automatically assume Montreal should be given international events (See: World Cup bid) simply because they're the second largest city and the standard-bearer for French Canada when, as history as shown, they don't show up in the numbers that other Canadian cities would put up for similar events. Montreal claims default #2 status in Canada for hosting international events when at times it has no business doing so.
Uhh, Montreal does fine hosting international sporting events I'd say.

What's the attendance for F1 Grand Prix weekend? 300,000?

Rogers Cup tennis attendance in Montreal is consistently higher than in Toronto and the stadiums are about the same size.

The Montreal Impact holds the top of couple of rungs for record soccer attendance in Canada.

Yes, Montreal won't draw well for a random women's NT soccer friendly against North Korea, but those game don't draw flies in Toronto either. The only place they same to draw well is Edmonton.

Have I ever mentioned that I think Edmonton is the best sports city in the country?
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