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Originally Posted by pilsenarch View Post
Orleans/Lake/Wacker/Canal/Kinzie can easily handle all of the traffic... will there be congestion, particularly during rush hours? of course, but that's part of why we all love dense cities ...
Easily? Isn't that what the traffic study is supposed to measure? Things like - will there be enough space for people, bikes and vehicles to easily move about? And, if not, what infrastructure improvements need to and/or can be made to allow even greater density now - and into the future?

I was not talking about rush hours. Orleans, Kinzie, Canal, Wacker and Lake are all stressed during rush hours (plural) by people, bikes and vehicles right now.

The new traffic study was a mandatory requirement of the permission granted to build the WP west tower. The ultimate decision is up to the Plan Commission, Reilly, Rahm and the City Council. (One thing seems clear, though. There are those who want to put the dedicated bike lanes on Kinzie in play.)

The new WP plan is architecturally more significant, elegant and appropriate to the WP site, IMO. No comment on my liking the new plan? More density all that matters?
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