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3 World Trade Center

This is wonderful news for Philadelphia! I know I'm a late poster, but I wanted to see the "reactions" to the renderings. At first, I wasn't "overwhelmed." Maybe because Comcast already took the "shock" out of it for me. My first impression was that it looked to me a lot like #3 World Trade Center (not constructed yet) The rendering of #3 WTC can be seen on it's own thread. The structure's angled bars reminds me of #3WTC. and CITC's support beams look like a Christmas Tree, if you look at it long enough. Did anyone else think this too? If not, that's okay too. Everyone has different ideas and tastes, that's why I like reading all of your posts. Again, Philadelphia is really on the move!
Speaking of #3 WTC, I noticed many N.Y. bloggers paid a visit here today too!
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