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Originally Posted by Nowhereman1280 View Post
I have to agree with Alliance on this one? What is so great about this tower, it has very little detailing, is a bland and boring color, has a forgettable form/outline, why do so many of you like it? I would probably take 50% of the buildings of any height in Chicago and New York to this boring thing...

I'm not saying that its ugly, just that its forgettable, its boring, I just see it as decent. I'm gonna get flamed for saying this, but in any other major skyline (NY,Chi,HK,Singapore) this building would be nice filler for the larger supertalls. In fact, speaking of HK, this thing looks like a lot of the bland residential filler they have there...
It's not the tower it's how it's complimented in the skyline as the "stud" tower. NY and Chicago has this mess of towers all over the place where as the Library tower has this iconic place in the middle of the other towers and they appear to be worshiping the Library tower. That's why film making like to use this tower it movies. NY and Chicago have many great building and that seem to take away from the greatness any one of them.

I too think the logo should come off. Maybe US bank will be the next to go under.
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