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Trans Canada Highway Twinning: Segments U/C

Since the federal government passed jurisdiction of upgrading the Trans Canada Highway to the Provinces, I find that it is rather difficult to know of what is currently being twinned where, and more importantly, when it will be open for use.

For example: I have not been able to find an updated completion date for the Trans Canada Highway Twinning in Saskatchewan. Maybe I didn't "mine" the Saskatchewan Transportation and Infrastructure website for long enough... whatever.

I propose that we compile active and/or detailed proposals to upgrade any segment of the TCH highway system. Theres the Kicking Horse Canyon Project in BC, Twinning near Lake Louise in Alberta, the Sask-MB border twinning "connection" project, construction of the 400 to Sudbury, Twinning of the Autoroute 15 in Quebec.

What else is there?
(and when am I going to have 4-lanes to drive on all the way to the Rockies from Winnipeg?)
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