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Search the map: New, improved Hamilton bike routes coming soon

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Matthew Van Dongen
The Hamilton Spectator
Jan 11, 2021

Hamilton plans to add close to 20 kilometres of new bike lanes, paths and pedal-friendly improvements this year amid a focus on COVID-safe mobility.

The city has plans for at least $3.6 million in new cycling infrastructure, featuring the start of a curb-protected cycling track on Victoria Avenue, “bicycle boulevards” on residential streets and beefed-up safety measures for existing bike lanes.

Close to $3 million of that total will come from city taxpayers — the highest amount of local spending on the bike budget in years. (Last year, the city spent a record $6 million on cycling projects, but the majority of that cash came from provincial or other grants.)


[director of transportation planning Brian] Hollingworth said the city will start building the north end of the new protected lanes on Victoria this year and continue designing the southern end for future construction.

The city is also looking at adding a “bicycle boulevard” on residential streets like Pearl and Kent, and through the Hamilton Amateur Athletics Association grounds park. A bicycle boulevard is meant to prioritize bike traffic on low-traffic streets but still allow for low-speed local motorists.

Overall, the city hopes to add about 11 kilometres in standalone bike improvements all across the city’s cycling network, with another eight kilometres expected as part of road reconstruction, bridge work or repaving projects.

Private development projects in Waterdown, Binbrook and at McMaster Innovation Park are also expected to add multi-use paths or cycling path improvements in the next year.

Design work continues on other projects — some of which could still be built this year if new provincial grant money comes through, Hollingworth added.

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