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The CN tower has a dual use as a communications tower. We don't have any need for that with our mountains.

With the height limits downtown and Phoenix still being very much a backwater I don't see the Pin or any similar tower getting built, and I do not see the Midtown folks buying into a taller project outside the limits of the downtown height zone.

Moreover, if there were more to observe downtown than a bunch of low density ghetto garbage on three sides I could see something happening but we are a generation from the neighborhoods surrounding downtown from turning around, especially the south side.

Finally, downtown would probably have to hold its own against the Scottsdale/PV golf resorts and be a destination in and of itself rather than a weird quirk that occasionally shows up in the New York Times travel section. The Stratosphere was a gamble on a rundown section of Vegas that is still a 2,400 room hotel project at the end of the day. There is nothing, at all, in Phoenix that would warrant that level of private investment today or likely in my lifetime.
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