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Well, those who expect Germany to pay for their own sovereign debts would claim the EU governance is outrageously centralized on Berlin, but they're full of crap. If you knocked on their doors to require them to pay for your debts, they would send you straight to hell. You just can't expect others to do what you wouldn't yourself.

There are now 2 distinctive blocks over the continent, which causes issues harder and harder to address.
On one hand, northern countries whose state budgets are managed very strictly, possibly at the cost of excessive sacrifices like a growing gap between the rich and the poor.
On the other, the southern obviously including France whose states take money they don't even have much much easier to the point of wasting it.

For example, something terrible with the French government is they keep spending lots of money just to maintain some large obsolete bits of their administration that are no longer productive. That we need to stop as soon as possible in order to restore France's credibility. It would take quite a couple of years, then we could make further deals that all would benefit from, instead of stupidly facing some overwhelming issues as is the case at the moment. It's been so bad that we're kind of looking like a banana republic of some sort right now. Fucking shame.

However, the Germans may be too austere in their public management for real. Public debts may actually help boost development, but if and only if they're meant for smart investment expense to produce more and more wealth, like better education, training for workers so their skills fit new techs, latest infrastructures and such. The German government definitely knows about that anyway, but they basically appear reluctant to implement such policies to the continental scale... I mean, there's still fierce rivalry between our countries, right?
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