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On them being pioneers of highrise in Europe. Im not too sure thats the case. Birmingham built a 100m clock tower completed in 1900 for its university. Rotterdam's tallest at this point was a mere 42m.
Well, the 'mere 42 m.' was enough to be the tallest office building on continental Europe at the time, so it's not really a dwarf we're talking about
By the way, the tallest building at the time was still the 62 m. tall tower of the 16th-century Laurenschurch, the only remnant from medieval Rotterdam.

Furthermore, about Rotterdam becoming a world class business city, I don't think that'll be the case, the city being in a small country. There's just not enough demand for office space. That's also the reason why the city has such problems building above 150 m. (finally, there's a 165 m. tall office tower under construction now, which will beat the 151 m. tall Delftse Poort after reigning the skies for 15+ years) The ambition is clearly there, that's not the culprit.

Birmingham, that's another story. It might actually become a second tier world city if it does well to pick up companies who are tired of London.
I don't really see much similarities between Rotterdam and Birmingham by the way, beside the skylines.
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