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Arr yes agree one very bored guy, but Birmingham constructed the largest inland canal network to accomodate its position as the workplace of the world. At its peak in the late 19th early 20th century Birmingham grew from 74,000 to 630,000 inhabitants and the canal system was the reason for it. It was a leading industrial city and transported coal, iron, guns, swords even buttons etc. The reason it was called "the city of a thousand trades" and all because of the canal system. So you could argue in a way that both cities have prospered from using water to thier advantage and becoming the main ports in thier respected countries for useable goods.

On them being pioneers of highrise in Europe. Im not too sure thats the case. Birmingham built a 100m clock tower completed in 1900 for its university. Rotterdam's tallest at this point was a mere 42m.

It certainly was however a pinoneer of highrise residential living. 60+ meter GEB was built in the early 30's. Both cities broke the 100m office barrier in 1969/70. Quite similar time frames.
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