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Of course. But outside the capitals of the major countries these two have an incredible chance to become world cities like Frankfurt is for Germany, Milan is for Italy etc

Amsterdam and London have dominated there respective countries for along time but both seem to be coming out of the duldrums now and trying to muscle in on what the others have had for a long time. They will never overtake the likes of London, Moscow, Paris etc that can be said without an ounce of negativity towards the two, its just plainly obvious, but can they become 2nd tier (beta) world cities like Frankfurt within the next 15 years. Currently they lie within the top 50-100 most important cities can they make the improvement by 2020-2025 into the top 30 which is the aim of both cities councils.

My money if one was to do it would be on Rotterdam but I think this is one of the best comparisons there is in Europe.
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