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To me, these are all part of a puzzle that is coming together. Like a puzzle, you have a few pieces in place and it doesn't look like much, but the more you add, the more complete the picture starts to look. CityScape might not be the savior, but it will be another piece in place.
I agree with the approach you are advocating: city-building, piece-by-piece. I think that's how it should work. Unfortunately the approach Phoenix has tried for the past four decades has been the "silver-bullet" method-- building a megaproject in the hopes that it singlehandedly will bring back downtown. That was the approach in all the projects I named above, and it's the same mentality that underlies CityScape, hence the three-block megablock style of development.

The piece-by-piece approach is working here as well; it just takes more time to realize its benefits, and the city has failed to notice. I'd argue that the piece-by-piece approach is working in the northern downtown area-- the health of the Roosevelt neighborhood helped give life to Roosevelt Square, which helped beget Fillmore Lofts and Artisan Lofts, which helped beget Portland Place, and, next, the GS3 Condos and the Solomon Tower. Likewise with the commercial/restaurant/entertainment sector-- Modified Arts gave Fate a reason to be downtown, then Fate's success helped give rise to Matt's, which spawned The Roosevelt, and gave hope for Cibo and Carly's, and so on. Underlying all of this was the success of First Fridays.

Unfortunately the city is still locked into its desperation/"silver bullet" mentality. Instead of noting the development of parts of downtown and realizing that-- I think-- success is just around the corner, the city continues to panic and give millions to suburban developers to build PF Chang's anchored-megablocks. It's too bad. With 44 Monroe, Orpheum Lofts, light rail and the Jackson Street Retail District coming on line I bet we could have held out and found a creative solution to be able to rejuvenate and preserve Patriots Park and develop the parking lots on Blocks 22 and 23. Unfortunately, we may never know.

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