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Wow, I don't know where to start but I'll give it a go:

which in the libertarian world-view entails a nice low-density city where you have to own a car
No, in a 'libertarian world-view' everyone gets to do their own thing. People can vote with their feet. Those who want suburbs and sprawl can have that, and those who want density can have that to. Its important to let people choose for themselves- even if they make bad decisions.

I'm not arguing with you that sprawl sucks, I hate it. I have a friend who lives on 83rd avenue and Deer Valley- I rib him constantly about living so far out. But if thats what makes him happy, who am I to act like a huge prick and come down on him like I know what's best?

You are right, Talton and I do have different views of how to create a great downtown. People like John Talton promote force, an arrogant attitude, and high taxation. People like me are for trying to peaceful convince people that city living is a better alternative. I realize that in a city the size of Phoenix, the pie is getting bigger every day, and we don't have to have just city or just suburbs- at the rate we're growing, one day we can be great in both categories.

Do you ever wonder why the general populace hates Talton? Its because he's extremely negative and acts like he's smarter than his reader- thats not a recipe for success. John Talton is the Terrell Owens of local newspapermen. Remember the old saying, "a spoonful of honey will catch more flies than a gallon of vinegar."
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