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Originally Posted by MOliscous View Post
What I believe you are looking at is the SE corner of 1st Street and Hill. Under his butt is the intersection. This lot is currently empty and is waiting for the next Federal Courts building. The building (looks like a set of 3) just to the right of the end of the flag pole is where I am typing this from. The actor is hanging from whatever building used to be where the Stanley Mosk Courthouse currently stands.
There were a lot of characters who shot from above the Hill St tunnels, it would seem...we covered this a little bit in this post...
...those big funnel-looking things are emerging from the roof of the auditorium of the Mason Opera House, AKA Mason Theatre. Here's a later, similar shot by Hylen, before that whole block was demo'd for this.

You mention the tripartite building, AKA 205 S B'way, I'm sure plenty of people look at it and take it to be modern -- 207-11 S Bway is the Metropolitan Water Bldg, built 1905, and the structure facing Bway and Second, the three-part one, 201-205 S Bway/300 W 2nd is the California Bldg from 1911 (as is its neighbor to the northwest, 312 W 2nd)...sooooo is anything still inside still evident from its pre-WWI vintage?

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