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Originally Posted by mrnyc View Post
for ohioans, there is no second city. well of course technically there is, but not in the state mindset. most ohioans think of it as there are the three C's, cleveland, columbus and cincinnati, in no order really, and then there are three red-headed step sister cities so to speak, toledo, akron and dayton. and even after that there is quite a broad mix of suburbs, small cities and towns and country villages and the like. so ohio state is really most notable for its variety and not for having one big city and one second tier city, maybe kind of like california and texas i would say.
I always found that interesting about Ohio. What if in alternate history, one of the "C's" became a 5m+ mega city at the expense of the other two remaing the size of Toledo or Dayton? Our province of Ontario is cut up a little differently.It has 14m residents, but doesn't have any metros as large as any of the C's. It has one juggernaut, 1 metro over a million, 1 just under, and a handful of Toledo sized metros.

Originally Posted by Steely Dan View Post
in the context of the thread, many people are using "2nd city" as the 2nd largest, or 2nd most important (as measured by GDP) city.

by the measures of size and economy, detroit is the midwest's 2nd city. but the twin cities are creeping up on the motor city, and growing faster.
From somebody from another Country's POV, Detroit is definitely your Midwest's 2nd city..It just has that legacy status. Being the centre of the car industry plus having that iconic Motown recording scene from decades past attributes to that.

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