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Originally Posted by N90 View Post
HOU is now overdue for a new development thread. This one passed 10k finally. Lemme know if you need any help putting one together, I would be happy to help. Houstonians don't appear to be a chatty bunch IMO. Someone posts renderings or update pix or projects and it is followed up with 2-3 replies. No more than 4-5 replies and that is only on rare occasions too. It stretches the lifespan of threads out to 10 years when its mostly just updates, new project info, or pix IMO.

Then I look at development threads for other cities and those people can talk 24/7 365 a year. Pages and pages of discussion about everything and everyone gets their 2 cents in about everything. I have to start digging back to old pages just to find the projects or update pix they're having lengthy discussions on.

FWIW I like the HOU development thread better than those other cities development threads. I like to see the relevant info as soon as possible without digging deep into the threads soul to find it IMO

Thanks guys for being class acts! Special thanks to Urbannizer for his hard work updating HOU projects!

I agree. Im still looking for "HOUSTON | Developement Thread I".

Apparently some guy named dylan wiped the database or something like that.
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