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Originally Posted by Drybrain View Post
That's all relative to what your local context is. Calgary is having discussions about buildings like this, and its old Cecil Hotel, which wouldn't merit a glance here. But in Calgary they represent a particular local architectural legacy and a connection to the past.

And as a (former) Calgarian, I really value that kind of plain, rough-hewn frontier architecture. It speaks of the place.
I never ate at the Lido - so I didn't have any connection to it. I guess that's why I was able to look at it objectively. Same with the Cecil - I have no connection to it; I lived near it. Seeing it go to me - is not a big deal despite the fact it might have heritage value. Considering the crime nature of the place - I'd rather see it go and start anew.

The one building I was worried we'd loose was the King Eddy and the St. Louis Hotels in the east village. The King Eddy was completely removed (brick by brick) and was restored on site next to the Cantos Music Centre and will become a part of it. The Louis will be restored (I've been watching it from my office) and now has solar panels on top. It will be a great space for the east village and is right next to the n3 building (which has no parking).

The one building I'm still miffed hasn't come back is the York Hotel that was taken down to make way for the Bow Tower. It was 70-80% saved (most of the brick exterior) but for whatever reason hasn't been rebuilt (despite it having been a condition of the development). It was meant to be (and remains) part of phase 2 of the development permit - but that could happen way in the future (there is no rule about when it has to happen).
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