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It's actually 31 stories ON TOP of the 11 stories in the existing building, for a total height of 42 stories and 540 feet, which is perfect for the location. Floorplates range from 14,000sf to 9000sf at the top, which is still larger than at MNP tower. The bulk of the new tower structure will replace the parkade next to 1090, but regular office floors don't begin until level 12. The existing building will undergo a seismic upgrade, with the first 2 floors (where Purolator is) reclad in spider-glass curtain wall to suit high end retail. It's a similar type building to 900 Hastings where Chanel is, and so will go through a similar upgrade.

It's the best of all worlds!

concept design images
Yeah I lied... again (

It's just that whenever I read about what sounds like a tremendous waste of design potential (in this case, waste of existing architecture and waste of buildable air space), I can't help but spend half an hour whipping something together in photoshop. Even if only to remind you of how sucky it turned out to be and what could have been, once the real renders are released.

It was not meant to look like Phare tower, I was just being lazy and overlayed some facade texture into the massing I wanted for the site. To me, the massing is most important. But who knows... with Telus, my hoax turned out to have the exact same massing - right down to the podium - as the real proposal.
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