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Originally Posted by YankeesfaninUT View Post
Technically it is still a spire. It was designed as a spire. Just because they are removing the radome does not change that. They weren't even going to put broadcast equipment on it until last year. The building was designed with this in mind. Most antennas are usually added onto buildings later. The antenna on top of the original WTC wasn't added until 1978. They were engineered and designed to have these antennas installed but they were not part of the architecture. When it is finished it still wont have any equipment on it. There is no rule anywhere that says you cant add equipment to your buildings spire at a later date and have that change it to an antenna.
It really is muddled and confusing! The John Hancock Center and the Sears Tower both had antennas designed with the structures, and both of them have large, tall bases that were initially built as part of the building. The antennas were then added to the base structures, but none of it seems to count as building height. If the antennas were removed, the tall holders would still be there. Trump Tower in Chicago had the spire added after the building was designed and under construction and it seems to rest on the roof much like the old WTC antenna did, yet it is counted in the building height since it's just there for looks. IMO, none of them should count or all of them should. Another great example is the massive antenna on the Prudential Building in Chicago. It was clearly designed with and built into the building, but today it is not used since there are many taller buildings around it. Why isn't that counted as a spire now? This is all really stupid and needs to be clarified once and for all.
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