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MUMBAI | Waves | Height | 80 FLOORS

Waves -- Mumbai, India

One of India's up-and coming architects, Sanjay Puri, graduates into the big leagues with this beautiful residential skyscraper crowning one side of Mumbai's Worli seafront.

According to World Architecture News:
The building form is derived from the outline of the crests of the waves of the sea. Linear undulating balconies traverse the length of this residential apartment building offering unrestricted views of the sea to each of the apartments.

Four blocks with apartments varying from 2000 sq.ft. to 6000 sq. ft are connected together rising from 40 storeys towards the land end up to 80 storeys towards the sea front. The fluid balcony decks that undulate along the length extend further out at upper levels to create sky gardens overlooking the sea.

The tower is significant not only because of its size, but its location. It will be built in Worli, one of Mumbai's most expensive neighborhoods, on a piece of land jutting out into the Indian Ocean that will soon be spanned Mumbai's massive Bandra-Worli Sealink project:

The sealink will literally go right beside the building, to be built on the peninsula jutting outward in the model below:

Here is a two month old picture of the sealink u/c. I've highlighted the area where the tower will come up:

What's also interesting is that the peninsula is literally a fishing village that Mumbai sort of grew around. There is incredible potential for redevelopment of the area in the next coming years, which the size and height of this tower attests to. Even now, there are 65 x 2, 45, 40, 38 x 2, 36, 35 x 3 and 30 storey buildings all under construction in virtually the same area, again on only a small fraction of the total redevelopable land. Also of note, at the end of the peninsula is Worli Fort, built by the British in 1675, which will soon be restored to its former glory.

The tower is Mumbai's third supertall tower to come out of nowhere in one year, and represents Mumbai's incredible potential now, finally, being realized.

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