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Originally Posted by EXbubba View Post
I read that Mumbai is having trouble getting enought electricity for the city's rapid growth. How will a new tower, with its large power demands be supplied with enough consistant power?
Nuclear power. Everyone just got all on Bush's case because he decided to break the non-proliferation treaty and signed an agreement with India to help them build like 10 nuclear power plants about a year ago. India will probably be one of the world's largest users of Nuclear power within 20 years.

You are right though, they can't build power capacity fast enough to keep up with demand in India. That's because its becoming one of the world's most powerful economies, just like China, except India is much farther ahead when it comes to democracy and education. Actually India and China's soaring demand for electricity is one of the reasons our electricity and gas prices keep getting higher. Also why our construction materials prices keep getting higher...
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