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Originally Posted by Leo the Dog View Post
It's a silly bill/law that won't hold up. I doubt Brewer will sign. The story is now gaining steam, especially since the Olympics ended and Kiev, Ukraine has stabilized. I first heard of it here on SSP 2/21/14. As it gets closer to Brewer either signing/or not, it'll be a more prominent news story in the media.

I wonder if people will be outraged, boycott US corporations that do business in India because of their Gay sex ban with a penalty of 10 years imprisonment? The Olympics didn't leave Russia for their anti-gay laws. I have a feeling we'll keep employing Indians and conducting business with that country of over 1 billion people.

Americans are, rightfully, held to a higher standard. When other countries have backwards, intolerant policies, we're not shocked. When it happens in the US, we're disappointed.
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