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But the point that we are all trying to make is that what you see going up is what is going to happen, the plan isn't going to change now, it is a done deal that has already been set in motion.

I agree with you, I am not fully sold on the memorial myself, and truth be told, memorials are probably the hardest thing to get right because there is never a clear answer for the correct way of doing one, but there is always so many ways to mess one up. But at this stage, this is what is going to be built whether you like it or not.

And again, pointing out your age, all of this topic that you are talking about with wanting a twin tower happened years ago, you seriously showed up late to that party, and you can wish and dream all you want about a twin tower being built, but it is never going to happen at the WTC site...end of story. I am not telling you that because I don't want it, I am telling you that because it is the truth. There are some things in life that will never come back.

My hometown isn't going to get back that 17 acres of buildings they destroyed downtown, and NYC isn't getting back the WTC twin towers. You can kick and scream and create all the possible images you want, but nothing you do will ever change what is going on there right now. I am sorry if this crushes any of your hopes, and I am sure you don't want to believe a word I am telling, and I am sure it will take you a few more years of learning before you realize that I am right about this, but that is just a fact of life.

So feel free to continue with this dream of yours, but nothing you do is going to change what is currently in motion.