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Listen Kanto. I am going to explain my story one last time. I am a New Yorker. I was born on September 5th 1993 on Manhattan Island (I study architecture in my architecture classes so I do know what I am talking about). I was born, and raised as a young New Yorker underneath the mighty shadows of the original World Trade Center Towers before 9/11. I saw them everywhere. They had a presence that no other building in the history of New York City will ever have. Although they weren't the pretties buildings on the block they were unique. They held Manhattan together. I have pictures which features them in the background. There are night pictures, day pictures, and pictures in between. Yet although I loved them since I was young I had no idea of their impending doom, and their fate.

On September 11th 2001 I was in School at the time the planes impacted the North Tower. I was only 8 years old. I didn't realize what was going on. All I saw was the World Trade Center standing there in front my face from my school window looking all normal with the sun hitting it, and the next thing the North Tower was on fire with smoke filling the clear blue sky. The school was evacuated, and my grandfather now deceased picked me up from school. Of course I had no knowledge of what was going on, and I just kept asking questions. My brother faced the worse part of it. He helped my grandmother sweep up paper out on the driveway. The paper blew in from the World Trade Center along with the smoke. There was blood on the paper, and my family had to clean it up. Not just that we saw the entire thing on TV. Everyone in my family saw it live including the plane impacting the South Tower, and the collapse of both buildings on TV.

Afterwards my family never talked much about it. We lost family members that witnessed the event, and we had people that were born that never saw the event, but for the people like me that witnessed the event we don't talk about it. It left a hole in the skyline with smoke pouring out for months afterwards. In my family we had members that were traumatized by 9/11. Me and my brother had nightmares for months afterwards, but for many people this would answer your question. Many people I know were traumatized by what happened, and we still don't talk much about it. It isn't something even I take lightly on, and I only talk about it when I teach my little cousins about the history of the World Trade Center. I don't think most of the people I know would like to see the two buildings back in the skyline. It would only evoke the pain and the suffering everyone that had suffered that day. Even if you build it elsewhere in New York it would create painful memories, but again we all have memories of the Twins and the Twins still stand in every New Yorkers heart. We give those buildings a special treatment, and had put them in an area where the terrorist can never destroy. In our hearts, but if you want to build them elsewhere in NYC it won't be a bad idea. Just treat the buildings with respect as we lost a lot of special people that day.