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Originally Posted by Kanto View Post
I don't see anything funny on your sarcasm. It's exactly the bullying I talk about in my signature
WTF do you want us to say, I will say whatever you want...clearly you love the idea of a twin tower, great for you, I see nothing wrong with that, but why do you need to flood this forum with several threads about the same topic??? I find that to be insulting. Make one thread and stick with it. On top of that, what do you expect to get from all of this? Do you think you can make this twin tower happen? I am not asking that in a sarcastic way or insulting way, I am seriously curious. You have been going on about this one topic nonstop since you came to this thread, are you planning on actually doing anything to making a twin tower happen or are you going to continue making up these fantasy ideas about why it would be possible to do when it will never happen?

Seriously, what do you hope will come from all of this???