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Originally Posted by urbanlife View Post
Your opinion about this the 65ft rule does not matter. I agree, it is a pointless rule, but that is what the NYPD wants, so that is what they get and there is ZERO arguing with that. Case in point, they had to actually move the building from the original plan because of this, they didn't tell the NYPD it was stupid and they are not moving the building, they moved it.

You can laugh at the 65ft rule all you want, but it isn't going to change anything. It is like having a boss tell you your work hours are 8-5 and you laughing at them and saying that is ridiculous and it should be 9-5 so you are just gonna start showing up at 9am cause you think that is better.
I know that rules must be obeyed, but with a nonsencial rule, there is allways the possibility that it'll be canceled. And besides, in the case of 1WTC it was no real problem since it could be moved. If a building couldn't be moved, then it would be a far greater problem and I think that politicians would have something to say about it if the majority of people wanted that tower built.
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