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'We're in the process of reinventing ourselves': Boise GreenBike program looking to boost ridership

The program is looking to expand from its lineup of 127 pedal-powered bikes to 500 e-bikes by next spring.

The Boise GreenBike program is looking to change things up a bit. They want to completely start over and change from pedal-only to electric bicycles, also known as e-bikes.

Not only does the director of the program, Dave Fotsch, want to change to e-bikes, he also wants to more than triple the number of bikes that are available, going from the current 127 pedal-only bikes to 500 e-bikes.

There is another issue with their current bikes: the technology that allows riders to operate them - a keypad for locking and tracking the bike - will soon become defunct.

“Our vendor decided not to support the existing controller on the bikes,” Fotsch said. "So that system operates on the 2G and 3G network, and those are being retired by the cell phone companies.”

Their vendor isn't upgrading it, which is forcing the change.
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