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Originally Posted by Boisebro View Post
big news yesterday in Boisedev as well as the Statesman and Press about the Boise Airport expansion, which could see completion of the new concourse within the next 5 years.

will be great to see it come to fruition... but a pain to have the airport under construction for the next few years.
Here is more info:

“Concourse A will make room for six additional gates, half of which will be used for regional jets, and the other half will be used for mainliners – the aircraft that are holding upwards of 170 to 200 passengers,” says Sean Briggs, the marketing manager for the Boise Airport.
Boise Airport Braces For Big Expansion

Boise Airport is set to get bigger, with more gates and expanded parking

Read more here:
As soon as five years from now, air travelers may see something new on their tickets from Boise Airport: Concourse A.

Rebecca Hupp, airport director for BOI, shared plans for the new concourse — a new wing off the main terminal with new gates and amenities — with the Boise City Council on Tuesday.

The concourse would jut out from the right side of the airport as you walk into the main terminal. The existing B concourse juts out from the left side, and the C concourse extends from the back.

The new concourse would be designed to handle the increasingly large jets that airlines are moving toward, Hupp said. A drawing she displayed showed spaces for six new jets, with possible future expansions that could accommodate more.

It would have larger departure lounge areas than Concourse B, too. It would include retail and food outlets.
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