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Originally Posted by Drybrain View Post
I'm kinda glad they're only recreating the building as it was--just because I wonder how a taller building behind the facade could be gracefully integrated. I'm kind of excited to see a true reconstruction of a historical building that would otherwise be lost. We don't have many of those.

But one thing that is profoundly dumb is that the original tower on top of the mansard roof (as seen on the right in this pic) can't be rebuilt, because it now falls under view plane restrictions. I mean, come on--the tower was built in 1891, and in 2014 it's too tall? Quite ridiculous.
Awh, that sucks. The tower makes it an entirely different building.

BRAIN TEASER / 'CHOOSE YOUR OWN ADVENTURE' / THOUGHT EXPERIMENT OF THE DAY: the developers decide that they'd like to restore the tower on top of the NFB building, for the sake of heritage. But they know that it will directly impinge on the view plane.

Question: Would the Nova Scotia Heritage Trust support or oppose the tower's restoration?
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