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Originally Posted by someone123 View Post
Part of why it's important to have more height in Halifax is that so many potential development sites are totally off the table. If you want to increase density by 30% but only 5% of sites are available for development then those have to be higher density sites.
Haha, but aren't those sites off the table because of rules against height? It seems like there is a huge catch 22 here. Everything has been codified to the point where development isn't allowed, but there are planning goals for increased density.

We've been duped and legislated into a corner by the anti-development folks who sit on council, committees, and show up in unrepresentative numbers at public meetings... even when a development meets the planning requirements.

In most cases of opposition, the developer was following the rules in the first place. But the anti-development people claim the rules aren't strict enough.

In other cases the developer goes through the legitimate process of seeking an amendment which make the anti-development folks use the typical line "well the rules are out the window now". Unfortunately, their skewing and application of "rules" is only correct in their minds.
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