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Skyscrapers You Most Love/Admire in Your City or Other Cities

I'll start. I live in L.A. and San Diego.

To name a few, I like these buildings (I do have a bias to the old neo-gothics and art decos):

Pittsburgh: Cathedral of Learning
Chicago: Civic Opera Bldg., Wrigley, Chicago Temple Bldg., Carbide & Carbon Bldg., Lake Point Tower, Board of Trade, Mather Tower, John Hancock tower, Marina City twins
New York: Empire State, Chrysler, Woolworth, Flatiron, Waldorf Astoria
Buffalo: City Hall
Columbus: Leveque-Lincoln Tower
Cleveland: Terminal Tower
Cincinatti: Carew Tower
Houston: Williams Tower (almost like an updated Empire State-like design without the spire)
Kansas City: KC Power & Light Bldg.
Baltimore: Emerson (Bromo Seltzer) tower, impossibly skinny
Detroit: Penobscot, Guardian, Fisher Bldgs
Minneapolis: Foshay Tower
L.A: City Hall, Century City Theme towers (like the unusual triangular design of the 44 story twins), Eastern Columbia Bldg. and the long gone Richfield Petroleum tower, DWP (iconic mid century modern--wish they still lit it up at night)
San Francisco: McAllister Tower; Mark Hopkins, Russian Bldg., Coit Tower, Shell Oil bldg., Crown Zellerbach bldg., Clay Jones apts., Bellaire Tower, Humboldt Bank & Whittell Bank bldgs. (both impossibly skinny),
Long Beach: Villa Riviera Apts, International Tower (unusual cylindrical design)
San Diego: County Hall of Administration; Pacific Gate
Seattle: L.C. Smith tower, Space Needle
Moscow: Moscow State University ("Stalinesque-gothic" architecture at its best)
Chartes: Chartes Cathedral
Koln: Koln Cathedral
Ulm: Ulm Cathedral
Cairo: the Pyramids..the 1st skyscrapers

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