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McKinney/Boll: A “Small” 18-Story Tower for Uptown

Uptown residents will gladly be losing a neighborhood bar to see in its place an 18-story, 120-unit residential tower with a street-level restaurant.

Dallas Cothrum of Masterplan Consultants talked the City Plan Commission into recommending a Planned Development Subdistrict for his client, thus paving the way for the construction of the McKinney/Boll Tower at 2614 McKinney Ave. (southeast corner of McKinney Avenue and Boll Street).
Cothrum has been laying the groundwork for this project for about a year now, meeting with neighbors and the Oak Lawn Committee to work out the details of a development they can live beside.

A two-story building on the site will be demolished. It’s been operating as some kind of bar or lounge since 2003 and since 2005 has been The Idle Rich Pub; there’s an appropriate name for a gentrified neighborhood.

Based on his meetings with the local stakeholders, Cothrum said their primary concern was that there not be another bar.

The project owners, Mockingbird Venture Partners LLC and M&M Venture LLC, agreed and in its place plan a 55-seat, 5,000-square-foot restaurant with valet service to ensure patrons to the establishment do not stack cars into the street. A potential for traffic congestion was another pet peeve of the residents.
Another consideration in the design that Cothrum mentioned at the Dec. 1 public hearing was to mass the building’s maximum height toward McKinney and away from State Thomas, a historic neighborhood of single family, one story homes. The building has a tiered height and a rooftop pool faces State Thomas on the lower level. By right, there was no setback relief required, but the developers volunteered a setback to build consensus in their favor.

Residents of the McKinney/Boll Tower will have underground parking that is separate from the restaurant. The second story will be dedicated for a retail use.

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